Saturday, November 7, 2009

BOO 2 U!

The kids had a blast this year with Halloween. They were so fun! They are still talking about. It was a fun year. Halloween morning we made spider cupcakes. (Addy and Bryce loved decorating the spiders.) Addy had 2 birthday parties during the day to go to. One at ASI and one at Pump it up. I thought she would be too tired and cranky to treat or treat but no she was ready to party! We cooked out at Ferfer's with Nana and Peeps. We made our annual stop at Nanny's house so she could see the kids. (right down the street from our old house) Then we headed out to trick or treat around the neighborhood. The kids loved it! Addyson wanted to be a black kitty cat this year and Brycen wanted to be Batman. (last minute) Friday at school Addyson and Brycen got to dress up as storybook characters. Addyson was Angelina the Ballerina and Brycen was Simba from Lion King. Now that Halloween 2009 has come and gone we still have wonderful memories to cherish from now on.