Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pregnancy Pics

The first picture was about 15 weeks and the picture with the kids was July 6th (18 weeks) when we found out we were having another girl!

Addyson's 5th Birthday Bash

This year Addyson wanted a Luau Party. (huwa duwa in her words) So we rented out our community pool and had a blast. Since her BFF Ava last year had a pool and a pinata that is exactly what she wanted of course. Thanks to Nana and Peeps to help out with it all. We had hot dogs, chips, and fruit kabobs. Thanks to all who could come and celebrate this special day with us!

Birthday Part One: First American Girl Visit

Nana wanted to take Addyson to the American Girl store by the Galleria and let her pick out a doll, outfit, and eat lunch with the doll. It was fun for just us girls. My sister kept Brycen and we were on our way. Addyson was so excited to go. It was nice to do this with her before December when we will be having a another baby girl to pamper. It was a nice experience and great memories to last a lifetime! Thanks Nana! We love you!

Family Reunion in Wimberley, Texas

We had such a good and relaxing time in Wimberley. Paul stayed at home and worked while Jennifer and the kids met Mom and Dad at Wimberley on Sunday. We stayed until Friday visiting with relatives we haven't seen since our last reunion. It was nice to see everyone and catch up on what everyone has been up to. We played at the river and by the pool. ( I didn't get in the river being pregnant I didn't know if it is safe. Last time I didn't either so i just put my legs in.)
Peeps took the kids fishing and Nana and I came to watch and take pictures. It was so hilarious watching. Peeps would get a rod ready for Addyson, Brycen, and Caden and before you knew it one was stuck in the tree, or log, or needed more bait. I never laughed so hard. Brycen was so serious about fishing. He looked like a little Peeps. Addyson was such a girl when it came to the worm and the fish. She screamed.
One day we went to Schilterbaun for the day and it was a blast playing at the water park. Another day was spent at Sam Marcos shopping at the outlets. (you know I had fun.)
It was a great time relaxing, talking, and hanging out with family. I can't wait to do it again!