Sunday, March 29, 2009

We have gotten smart about going to these shows now.  We brought the light up souvenirs from Disney World with us.  This way we didn't get suckered into buying a toy for each kid.  There people around us asking the vendors if they had any lights like ours.  It was hilarious.  We also brought a whole lot of different kinds of fun candy to make the experience fun and cheaper on our pocket books.

Disney on Ice

Today we went and saw Disney on Ice.  It was really cool!  I dressed Addy in Sleeping Beauty and curled her hair, put blush, eye liner, and lip gloss.  She was in heaven.  There were parts were both Addyson and Brycen were a little scared but they loved it for the most part.  Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck (Addy's boyfriend), Daisy Duck, and Goofy came out periodically through the show.  They were traveling and we saw Lion King, Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, and Lilo and Stitch.  It was a really cute show to see. On the way home both crashed out.  Addyson of course woke up when we got home.  Brycen snoozed the entire night since 5.  The pictures don't do justice.  We were seating in the perfect spot.  It was so much fun.  A great way to end the weekend with a bang!

Oh What fun!

Peeps Day Out

On Saturday we (Paul, Peeps, Caden, Addy, and Brycen) went to a new place called Abbey's Playhouse.  (Since it was so cold on Saturday.)  The kids had a blast it was a lot of fun.  There were 2 bounce houses, teeter totter, 2 kitchens, blocks, all kinds of riding toys, dress up area, and a rock climbing wall.  It was really neat we will have to go back.  Thanks Peeps for playing with us and taking us there.  We love you!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

We went on a African Safari!

As soon as we drove up to the place Addyson said "I want to see the chickens".  We didn't really know if we would see chickens but in a cage by the gift shop there were chickens!  Addy stayed at the cage for 10 minutes or longer.  Above is the infamous "angry" emu.
On our way home from San Antonio we stopped off at Natural Bridge Caverns were they also have a African safari drive thru.  It was so much fun!  The kids loved it because they got out of their car seats!  (Since then Brycen fights me to get in his car seat every time we go anywhere.)  The animals really did come right up to the car and we got to feed the animals right out of our hands.  The longhorn actually stuck out it's long tongue and licked my hand.  I touched pretty much every kind of animal.  (which I thought was pretty cool)  At times the kids were a little scared but still talk about all the animals everyday.  The emu was the funniest of all,  it came up to our car and actually bit Paul's hand then he started throwing the food at the emu and it started coming inside the car.  Paul rolled up the window and the bird (very big at most)  was pecking at the window Paul thought it might break the window but if we would of moved we would of ran over it's foot.  I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe and was crying from laughing so hard. We went through the trail again because for some reason we missed the zebras and at that time there was a guy in a golf cart who was guarding that emu.  When we passed him it was like he recognized us and he started going crazy yelling and stomping his feet and the guy had to block him.  It was hilarious! There was a petting zoo as well.  We bought Brycen a Ostrich (looked like the Emu) and he runs around pecking everything all over the house.  It was alot of fun.  Can't wait to go back...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sea World

We had a blast at Sea World it was very crowded but we stayed from open to close.  Sesame Street was there this week performing so Brycen was in heaven.  Everyone had a good time.  Addy was scared of the 4-D pirate movie so we had to leave.  I think their favorite was Shamu. (besides Elmo) Brycen and Addyson never took a nap the entire day.  They were having way too much fun. 

Sea World

Sea World

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